Laminate - residential
Laminate - residential
Laminate - residential

Your average person no longer has average interior aspirations. They have read the Design Magazines and have watched the Home Improvement shows. They know what they want.

But sometimes hope exceeds budget.

This is where Laminate surfaces come into their own and where designers and manufacturers prove their worth.

It is entirely possible to make a kitchen, or bathroom, or shop interior look like a million bucks when only a few thousand has been spent. It’s magic, and happens when design innovation and benchtop excellence come together.

At BenchWorks, we are committed to forming such partnerships. And we are targeting companies and individuals who share the same vision.


Country-style homestead, artdeco villa, inner-city apartment, or middle-of-the-road suburban house. No matter what the residence, there is a benchtop shape and style that will add value to the interior atmosphere.

It really comes down to seeing the possibilities. Want a laminate benchtop to look like a solid surface? We can do it. Want it to appear as if it’s been constructed of brushed metal? We can do that too.

If your customer can dream it, if you can design it, and if it doesn’t defy the laws of physics, BenchWorks can create the benchtop you require.

And the standard of execution will satisfy the most exacting customer.

Edge Profile Options


Laminate - commercial

The interior design requirements of the commercial world are vast. Every conceivable benchtop shape, and hue, and texture has been called for to create atmospheres that sell.

Whether for the boardroom or conference room, the reception, the bar, or the shop floor, BenchWorks can create premium laminate tops economically, and at speed.

Quality Laminates

Your commercial customers want more than good looking benchtops. They want surfaces that can take a beating.

Benchworks has a range of laminate products to match the functional requirements of any job. All product specifications are available on request

Huge Variety

In design, having options is critical. BenchWorks has access to over 1100 laminate colours from reputable brands such as Formica, SheerForm, Wilsonart, Laminex, Bisonne, Pionite, Abet Laminati, and Nevamar.